Tay Jeong

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Postdoctoral Fellow at Kangwon National University / PhD, McGill University, 2023 (Sociology)



I am a social scientist with particular interest in international/interethnic conflict, sociology of knowledge, and social theory. I studied history and political economy at the master’s level before joining McGill’s department of sociology for my terminal degree. Throughout my postsecondary studies, I have often pursued a problem-based approach to learning, which gave me a transdisciplinary research interest and profile. I enjoy thinking about social problems, and my wish is to pursue an academic profession with the mindset of an amateur (not easy!)

I am committed to recent movements across the social and behavioral sciences to increase scientific transparency and combat the replication crisis. In 2022, I started to preregister confirmatory research on the Open Science Foundation (OSF). I have also fully disclosed complete replication data and software code for all first-authored quantitative research papers unless prohibited by law or contract.

Before entering my Ph.D. program, I worked at the United Nations Human Settlement Program (UN-HABITAT) and as a freelance academic translator. I was born in Korea but lived in several other countries including Canada, the US, Switzerland, Hong Kong, England, and Japan. I am a moderate polyglot, with a certified fluency in Japanese, French, and German and a working knowledge of Mandarin besides native or equivalent proficiency in Korean and English.